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rietum bank forex

PRC has a population close to 1. The official currency is yuan RMB. Sincewhen the reform and market opening-up policy was adopted rietum bank forex the PRC government, the economy of PRC has undergone a significant change.

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Today, PRC is a worldwide economy growth stimulator. It enhances global expansion by increasing output and trading relationships with other countries, and greatly contributing domestic consumption.

rietum bank forex

Nevertheless, doing business in PRC is the new worldwide economic trend, although the complicated procedures and harsh government policies may bar many businesses to enter into PRC market. Setting up a RO is relatively cheaper, faster, and simpler.

However, RO is not permitted to engage in any business activity including signing contract, issuing invoice, or making any profit. It can only undertake market investigation, display, or liaison activities. Further, RO is not considered as a separate legal entity, but merely an extension of foreign company.

rietum bank forex

Setting up a WOFE is more complicated and it takes much more time. The average incorporation time may take up to 3 months to 1 year.

rietum bank forex

Except for some restricted business sectors, which prohibited to be operated by a WOFE, most industries in trading, manufacturing, retails, and services providers are permitted. Setting up aOFE may require a large amount of different documents, and the documents may vary depending on the business nature of the company.

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